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Tweakment Trend Predictions Guide 2024

Welcome to the highly anticipated Cosmetic PR Tweakment Trends 2024 Guide!

Here you’ll find predictions, expert insights & an inside perspective into the tweakments dubbed to trend in 2024; from our industry-leading roster of doctors, dermatologists, aesthetic specialists & advanced aesthetic nurse practitioners; trailblazing & leading the world of medical aesthetics.

As well as our predictions on the ones to watch in 2024… we’ve also included the one thing we’re leaving behind in 2023!

The Ethos: The Tweakment Landscape of 2023-24

2024 is set to build upon the ethos we’ve begun to see in 2023, surrounding aesthetic tweakments. Whereby treatments such as dermal filler and Botox remain two of the most popular choices for patients (and will likely maintain that status for at least the next few years!) our esteemed experts unanimously agree that 2024 will see a real focus on skin health, wellness & personalised approaches to aesthetic concerns. We’re talking working on our appearances and overall health from a more holistic standpoint; looking at the underlying causes of our aesthetic concerns and addressing them on a cellular, restorative level… rather than ‘bandaiding’ them by injecting product into the skin without treating the root cause.

The Overview of Trends Set to be BIG in 2024:

  • Functional Medicine & Personalised Approaches to Aesthetics
  • Cellular Skin Health
  • ‘Skin Priming’
  • Preventative & Regenerative Skin Treatments
  • Holistic Approaches & Wellbeing
  • Breaking Stigmas
  • Inclusivity & Advancements In Technology

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