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April 2023 Content Ideas

Hello April… we sense Spring on the horizon (and we’re totally here for it!)

With a fresh new month comes the need for fresh new content for your marketing campaigns, digital communications and social media channels… and if you’re looking for some inspiration when it comes to fresh April content ideas, then you’re in the right place!

We’ve summarised some key events, themes and ideas for your aesthetics, beauty, medical and / or wellness business below… with hashtags and other suggestions to get your creative juices flowing. Thank us later – and be sure to follow our Instagram, for more content ideas and marketing tips!

April 2023 Overview:

  • April is home to Easter, and the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend. Good Friday (Bank Holiday) falls on April 7th, with Easter Sunday falling on April 9th, and Bank Holiday Monday on April 10th. Remember to update your patients on socials / via digital marketing if your opening hours will be changing over the Easter weekend
  • April is Stress Awareness Month: which could be a good opportunity to talk about the impact of stress on the skin – be this emotional stress, or even environmental stressors; such as pollutants, affect our complexions
  • April is Move More Month – Active April: home to National Walking Day and Walk To Work Day (as well as the 18th being National Exercise Day) April encourages us to get active to improve our health. How can exercise and walking improve our health, skin and help us achieve our aesthetic goals? If you offer Weight Loss or Nutrition services in your clinic, this could be used to your advantage
  • April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month, IBS Awareness Month and Autism Acceptance Month

April Breakdown:

  • 4th April – National Vitamin C Day: a great opportunity to talk about Vitamin C in skincare – its role, benefits, forms etc. Also great to talk about Vitamin C in terms of nutrition, and how this important nutrient boosts skin and overall health #VitaminCDay #NationalVitaminCDay
  • 4th April – International Carrot Day: if you’re a nutritionist, or you offer nutrition / diet advice in your clinic, this fun day could be an opportunity to talk about the properties and benefits of carrots in our diets / skincare #CarrotDay #InternationalCarrotDay
  • 5th April – National Walking Day: if you offer wellness / health / diet services in your clinic, a post highlighting the benefits of staying active & the benefits of walking on your physical and mental health could work well today #walkingday #nationalwalkingday. Similarly, the 7th April is Walk To Work Day – and 18th April is National Exercise Day
  • 5th April – National Body Care Day: body treatments, products and ways to look after your body – everything from bacne to hair removal, and from body contouring to rejuvenating signs of ageing on the body (e.g. sun damage or the backs of hands.) We talk lots about facial treatments – but it’s important to not overlook the body, too! The 5th April is also National Self Care Day (US)
  • 7th April – World Health Day – Doctors, dentists & healthcare practitioners – this one’s for you! #WorldHealthDay #HealthDay is an annual awareness day to raise awareness around health issues that affect people all over the globe
  • 11th April – World Parkinson’s Day #WorldParkinsonsDay #ParkinsonsDay
  • 16th April – Day of the Mushroom (US) – benefits and uses of mushrooms in skincare products, and their benefits to our health
  • 19th April – National Banana Day – benefits and uses of bananas in skincare, and their benefits to our health. Homemade smoothie or face / hair mask recipes could be fun! #BananaDay #NationalBananaDay The 19th is also National Garlic Day – a great talking point in terms of nutrition… how does garlic improve our health – and our skin?
  • 19th April – Get to know your Customers Day – a great opportunity to check in with your followers – learn a fact about them, engage on their posts, send out customer satisfaction surveys, run some fun polls on socials etc #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay
  • 21st April – International Hemp Day: Benefits of hemp in skincare and beauty products – a trending ingredient in recent years
  • 22nd April – Eid al-Fitr
  • 22nd April – Earth Day – A global initiative to protect and conserve the earth. Sustainability is important – how is your business going green? What measures do you take in order to protect the earth? Will you be taking part in Earth Hour? #EarthDay
  • 26th April – National No Makeup Day: how to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin – recommended skincare, treatments etc for healthier skin and bolstered self confidence… ‘taking good care of your skin is better than covering it up’
  • 27th April – National Love Your Thighs Day: thigh / body treatments to boost confidence, build muscle and trim / tone #LoveYourThighsDay
  • 28th April – World Women’s Wellness Day: A great day to talk about self-care and wellness topics

Did you find this post helpful? Will you be using any of these ideas in your content strategy for April?