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Cosmetic PR’s Lucy Hilson Features In Salon Gold

Did you spot this fab new article that was published on Salon Gold’s website recently? This time, it was US in the press… rather than our clients!

Cosmetic PR’s Lucy Hilson writes for Salon Gold Insurance on how to introduce advanced skin & other aesthetic tweakments to your spa or salon’s treatment menu – and why they’re important in advancing your business, your ROI and adapting your business to survive & thrive in an ever evolving market.

“Aesthetic treatments are everywhere you turn in modern-day culture. Open Instagram & you’ll see influencers and celebs enjoying facials at their favourite spa. Newspapers and online news sites are full of skin / aesthetic tips, trends and clinics to try… and it’s impossible to open a magazine these days without seeing at least one article on anti-ageing skincare, treatments to beat wrinkles or the latest celeb-favourite tweakment.

The aesthetics sector has boomed in popularity in recent years – with Global Market Insights ( predicting that this multi-billion pounds industry will grow by 18.5% annually between now and 2032. Customers are demanding non-surgical solutions at unprecedented rates, with treatments such as advanced medical facials and injectables becoming mainstream conversation; a far cry from the taboo and stigma that previously surrounded these topics.

If you don’t already offer aesthetic treatments in your spa or salon, introducing these popular procedures to your menu can help bring in new customers, retain existing clients and keep your business current; demonstrating your ability to adapt and evolve in order to cater to current demand and trends.”

Advanced skin treatments (such as facials, micro-needling & chemical peels, for example) have the ability to transform your business; giving you a quick, profitable return on investment (ROI.) How? Where should you start?” Lucy Hilson, Salon Gold

Read the full article on Salon Gold to learn more, & benefit from Lucy’s insight & expertise.