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10 Call-To-Action Prompts to Improve Engagement

Call to actions. What are they, and why are they important?

A ‘call to action’ is a prompt, to encourage your consumer to take a certain action that will benefit your business. A few examples of call to actions could be a sentence that encourages a reader to leave a comment on a blog post, visit your website, like your post or click to book their next appointment.

We hear a lot of talk about how call to actions (we’re going to call them CTA’s from now on!) are crucial in getting that coveted  Instagram engagement, and their importance in your captions. And this is definitely true, and definitely something you should factor into your content creation! But don’t forget their importance in all your other forms of digital marketing too… in your social media captions, your in-house marketing campaigns, your digital marketing / newsletters, blog posts and on your website too!

Here’s 10 handy prompts to get your creative call-to-action juices flowing when creating content:​​​​​​​​
1. Head to our website to find out more​​​​​​​​
2. Pop us a message, email us or give us a call​​​​​​​​
3. What do you think / have you tried this before?​​​​​​​​
4. Give this great new article a read…​​​​​​​​
5. Check out our stories / head back a few squares on our grid to check out…​​​​​​​​
6. Double tap if you like this as much as we do​​​​​​​​
7. Subscribe to our newsletter​​​​​​​​
8. Watch our stories to…​​​​​​​​
9. Tag someone who needs to see this in the comments below​​​​​​​​
10. Join us and…​​​​​​​​

CTA’s can also include encouraging customers to leave a comment or begin a discussion, via asking them questions in your captions or IG stories.

Why are CTA’s important?
Effective CTA’s encourage your audience to engage with your content – how to act, what they need to do and how they can do so. This boosts your chances of converting them into a customer, sale or follower​​​​​​​​ – or at the very least, increasing engagement with your digital content.

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