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The Cosmetic PR Tweakment Trend Guide 2023

It’s that time of year again… time for the highly anticipated Cosmetic PR Tweakment Trends Guide; 2023 edition.

Each year we prepare a guide of what’s set to be big over the upcoming 12 months; consulting with industry-leading doctors, dentists and skincare gurus to get the inside scoop.

With 2023 looming ever closer, we want to know: what treatments, technologies & skincare ingredients are set to blow-up & trend in the New Year? Read on to find out! Click here for more info, expert comment, interviews or feature support with any of the experts mentioned in this post.

Cosmetic PR Tweakment Trends 2023

Which tweakment(s) do you predict will trend in 2023?

“On the whole, I believe energy-based devices (EBDs) will steal the thunder in 2023,” reveals Dr Dev Patel; founder of Perfect Skin Solutions & innovative new skincare collection CellDerma

“In the last 12 months alone, my clinic has invested in 6 new energy-based devices – and I have my eyes on at least 4 more! 3 names I have in my clinic right now and believe will become global names over the next 12 month are Sofwave, Emerald (laser) and EvolveX (from InMode; the makers of Morpheus8),” Dr Dev concludes.

Claire Williams, CEO of WOW Facial, adds, “I think energy-based devices that’ll make a difference to our health – such as electromagnetic muscle stimulants and fat reduction technologies will be big business in 2023. Wellness is set to become a huge part of aesthetics and beauty over the next few years,” she predicts.

Dr Omar Tillo, founder of CREO Clinic, echoes these sentiments; adding, “I suspect skin rejuvenation and collagen-boosting treatments will continue to be popular in 2023 – with lasers and micro-needling treatments combined with radio-frequency (such as celeb-favourite Morpheus8) continuing to surge in popularity.”

Cosmetic PR Tweakment Trend Guide 2023

Are there any new technologies set to surge in popularity over the next 12 months?

Unfortunately as the demand for aesthetic tweakments continues to rise, so does the demand for corrective treatments and restorative procedures following botched results.

Dawn Attewell, founder of Dawn Attewell Aesthetics at Therapy House, has just introduced a cutting-edge Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber to her treatment menu as a result of this; recognising that for as long as aesthetic tweakments such as Botox and lip fillers remain popular, botched results and complications will prevail. Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers help skin damaged by a loss of blood flow to heal faster; preventing further skin death when complications such as vascular occlusion have occurred.

This new technology also has benefits in terms of health and wellbeing. “Our new Hyperbaric Chamber promotes health and wellbeing from within and works wonders in terms of anti-ageing; as well as supporting patients recovering from complications,” Dawn Attewell tells us.

What does Dr Dev think on this one?

“New technologies? Both gas-plasma and laser technologies are really advancing and delivering better results with an ever-safer profile – so these have my vote!” he reveals.

“I’m currently trialling a few devices, and preliminary results have been impressive. I’ve also been using injectable polynucleotides (essentially tiny chains of code which can trigger collagen production, increased hydration and a powerful anti-inflammatory effect to name just a few things) for some time now… and believe these will eventually become the injectable biostimulator of choice.”

“I have been using stem-cell derived exosomes since 2020, but I like the fact that polynucleotides are approved for a diverse list of concerns and for injectable administration, allowing for greater depth of penetration. I use these for both skin and hair rejuvenation.”

Sounds fancy!

Tweakment Trends 2023

How about surgical procedures?

We turned to expert Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon Dr Omar Tillo for this one!

“In the UK, I suspect there will be a sharp raise in gluteal lipofilling procedures – aka the so called ‘superficial BBL’ that aims to achieve a natural and aesthetic body curve,” Dr Omar tells us.

“There seems to be a new trend forming right now, moving away from the exaggerated hour-glass figure that’s trended in previous years; with influential celebrities such as Kim Kardashian opting to have buttock reduction.”

“The preference seems to have now shifted towards a more natural-looking – yet still curvy – hourglass figure. Therefore, the demand for the traditional extreme BBL look may lessen; with more women and men seeking more ‘natural’ conturing. The drives for this demand are: 1- people now know that this procedure is possible, safe and effective. 2- it has been recognised by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons as being safe when done properly.”

Dr Omar continues, “I have seen this trend in my surgical practice, with higher numbers of patients coming forward asking for BBLs. The ages of said patients are evolving too. Whereby mostly young girls asked for this procedure 5 years ago, I now see more middle aged patients (in their 40s and 50s) coming forward. The vast majority of patients, even the young generation these days, ask for a “natural” and “not exaggerated” hourglass or buttock enhancement.”

Cosmetic PR Tweakment Trend Guide

Will you be bringing any new wellness related offerings into your clinic in 2023?

“We already have this in the form of the Emerald laser,” Dr Dev says. “FDA-approved to treat up to a BMI of 40, this incredible device has emerging evidence on its ability to holistically improve well-being, in part, due to an increase in ATP (energy) release from cells and by also improving mitochondrial function; something that declines with ageing. Skin health is a manifestation of many psychological and physical factors and the more we can do to improve the whole sphere, the better one’s skin health will be.”

Sounds like something we’re gonna need, stat!

What skincare / ingredients are set to make it big in 2023? What should we look out for?

Anything hyperpersonalised will continue to grow in popularity; as customers become better educated about skin health,” Claire Williams of WOW Facial says.

On that note – Lesielle (new skincare brand to launch in the UK) is another brand (which is hyper-personalised, adaptive skincare) we highly recommend watching out for this year…

Anyway, back to Claire. “Growth factors and peptides will continue to become popular,” she predicts. “Particularly ones designed for skin barrier function, calming and repairing the skin like Acetyl Heptapeptide-4. New retinoids like Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate will become popular too – as these offer all the benefits of retinoids, but without the skin irritation and inflammation. Hard working and multi-tasking skin care products like our Synergy 6 will increase in popularity also – which is a moisturiser with SPF protection; as well as active ingredients and peptides.”

Lesielle Skincare

Dr Dev Patel, who’s recently just launched his own skincare brand CellDerma, has lots to add here too. “Home skincare has always been important, but it’s growing in popularity all the time… especially with so many celebrities bringing out their own brands!” he says.

“I may be biased due to my own skincare line, CellDerma, but I do believe growth factors are at the top of the list of ingredients to use. Even with more well-known ingredients, I know all too well, how easy it is to take short-cuts and make a seemingly good product that does not deliver amazing results. We have succeeded in formulating our products for CellDerma without compromising on any aspect of the formulation process, thus allowing users of even a single product, to achieve truly healthier skin.”

“Aside from growth factors our 4th generation retinoid in RetinACE is a real wonder ingredient. This has made retinol redundant in our clinic. I could also list another 100 special ones but especially worthy of a mention are the pre- and post-biotics going into some of our new formulations, to positively influence the skin microbiome. These will be exciting introductions to the range from late 2023.”

Anything else we should have on our radar?

“I’d watch out for skin tightening and fractional lasers; such as the Halo by Sciton and some of the new plasma technology from Artemis and Neogen,” Claire Williams says. Dawn Attewell too is very excited about the development & popularity of Neogen skin resurfacing technology over the next 12 months.

“There is a new ‘cold ablative’ laser due to launch that has got me very excited,” teases Dr Dev. “It has always been more of a challenge to treat darker skin types and yet this laser promises holistic improvements in skin health and safety even in darker skin. Watch this space…”

Cosmetic PR Tweakment Trends